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Ryan Goslin, Krissi Evans

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摘要: ➠GreyMan(2022)Director:AnthonyRussellJoeRussellStarring:RyanGoslin,KrissiEvans,AnnadeAmasreghi,JeanPage,BillyBobSanton,JessicaHenwick,Danush,WagnerM...
➠ Grey Man (2022) Director: Anthony Russell Joe Russell Starring: Ryan Goslin, Krissi Evans, Anna de Amasreghi, Jean Page, Billy Bob Santon, Jessica Henwick, Danush, WagnerMaraAlphaWoodard, Julia Butters, KaranMulvesScottHaze, Robert KasinskiDobyOpaleeAmyIkuvac, Jim LyisDazCrawford, Karen KimbeckKate Bromberg, Matthew FlynBellowsBeckyWu KendallWells, Martin William mHarris Nadiff More Josteffen Jako Ma Ria Dakina KaipoSchwab Fauzi Brahimi Michel CarliezGenre: ActionThrillerCountry of Production: USAShadowman's Kurt Gentley (Ryan Gosling) works for the CIA code is "Mountain Six".

On line Donald FitzRoy (Billy Bob Thornton) rescued him from the federal prison and made him an elite death mercenary carefully selected by the Bureau. Now the geomantic omen turns round, and the number six has become a target of the number. In order to eradicate him, former CIA colleague Lloyd Hansen (Chris Evans) launched a global siege. Agent Dani Miranda (Anna de Armas) is always able to lend a helping hand at the critical moment. Blood is thicker than water. (2022) Director: Jin Xicheng, starring: Zhao Donghe, Li Wan Type: Action production country: South Korea, also known as goblin. Brief introduction to the story of "Douxuan" (played by JoDong Hyuk), the legendary solver of the mafia, is also known as "Goblin", And the young generation "YoungMin" who yearns for "fighting for heroes".. ➠ GhostTemple3 ี 3 (2022)) Director: Starring: PilaviTakishaengchanathipPotongkahuaronViwusakhunNapaPichawalaUngantapaKasenshanNaAyutthaya Type: Comedy Horror Fantasy Country/Region: Thailand, aka: PeeNak3/: Kageyin Synopsis: An ancient temple in the outskirts of Thailand has a terrible curse.

Odie, a young tomb robber, dug up a gold foot chain from the World War II period in the ancient temple. He took it as his own, contrary to the curse. Ghost. In the race of revenge against evil spirits, Adi, who was on the verge of death due to the curse, and his friends Burun, Ayi, Xuanbing and Panpan will go to a legendary place on the Mekong River in northeastern Thailand. The ancient rain forest temple, looking for the secret to break the curse. ➠ Thor: Love and Thunder (2022) Director: Teca Vititi starring Chris Heimsworth Natalie Portman, Christian Bertelsa, Thompson, Teca, Vitti, Russell, Claude, Alexander, Chris Palatdev, Batistakaren, GillanPonKlementieffSeanGunnVinDieselBradley CooperCarliLisbonFalconeStephenCurryBobbyHollandHuntonDalyPearsonSimonRussell, BilljoneyBluebrookStagewellElsaPatakyElizaD'SouzaKarnGourdurPriscillaDoisyStephenHunterIndianaEv ansAvaKayoPhyllisBenSinc LairBertGoldstein Region | Type: Action Fantasy Adventures Australia America is also known as: Thor 4/Thor 4: Love and Thunder (Hong Kong)/Thor: Love and Thunder (Taiwan) # It starts with a little rude Plot: The story of the film takes place after the event of The Avengers Alliance 4: The War of the Final, and Thor (Chris Heim) begins a journey he has never experienced: looking for himself.

But Thor's retirement plan was interrupted by the deicide Gore (Christian Bell). He tried to destroy the gods, and he was forced to join hands with Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson) and Kogo (Taga). Waitti) joined hands again and found his ex girlfriend Jane Foster (Natalie Portman), whom he had not seen for eight years, had gained the power of Thor, waving the power of Thor he had destroyed in front of him many years ago. The hammer of Thor surprised Thor. Together, they embarked on an interstellar adventure to uncover Gore's mysterious veil of revenge and stop him, lest it was too late. ➠ Save the movie (2022) Director: Sarah Sugman starring: Samantha Morton, Tom Felton, Jonathan Price, Adil Ahtar Eileen Richards, Owen Yeoman, Owentier, Jason Hughes, Susan Walkeman, Dora Davis, Rod Gilbert, Joe Hurst, Lian Holder, Matthew Litter, Al Shayei Type: Country of production: Britain Story: Jonathan Price Samantha Morton and Tom Felton will star in the new movie Save the Cinema (provisional translation).

Directed by Sarah Shugman ([prom queen]), Pierce Ashworth wrote a script based on the story of Welsh writer Lorraine King, telling the true story of Liz Evans, a barber in Cammason, Wales, and also the manager of a youth theater. In 1993, she launched a campaign to save the Lyric Theatre from being closed, and fought with Richard Goodrich, then mayor of Camasson (whose role was changed into a local councilman in the film) to win history. With the help of Steven Spielberg, He won the title of Northeast Partner (2022) Director: Cui Zhijia Starring: Cui Zhijia Xiurui, Zhang Qi, Yuyang, Li Kun, English Pine Blossom Nina, Chen Jianan, Wang Rui, Guo Xiangpeng, Yi Yun and Diao Biao Type: Drama Comedy Production Country/Region: Mainland China Drama: Li Dazhuang, a heavily indebted investor in a distillery, won the second prize lottery by accident. In order to avoid a series of unnecessary troubles, he chose to remain silent. Sound. When people guessed who had won the lottery, Wang Kun, the most unprofessional in the eyes of villagers, stood up. Wang Kun pretended to be rich and lied that he had won the lottery in order to get the approval of his future father-in-law.

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Li Dazhuang, the real winner, got into trouble because his wife objected to continuing the business. Therefore, Li Dazhuang decided to pretend to be poor, and secretly realized his dream under the cover of Wang Kun... However, the good times were not long, and the two gradually exposed their weaknesses. Finally, it was disbanded by the public. But the exposed duo still did not give up, and even tried to cover up the original lie with another lie... ➠ Diomedes: Diomedes: el í dolo, elmisterioylatragedia (2022) Director: Jorge Duran James Barbosa starring: Type: Documentary production country: Colombia, aka: Broken idol: Diomedes Diaz's destruction Introduction: This documentary focuses on the life of Diomedes Diaz, It tells the story of how one of Colombia's most iconic singers rose to fame, but fell apart

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